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Image of Muir Evenden and Michael Petrasko, Co -Project Developers
Muir Evenden and Michael Petrasko, Co-Project Developers
Muir Evenden and Michael Petrasko have been involved in amateur astronomy for over 30 years. Their passion for astronomy evolved from visual observing using binoculars and small telescopes to image processing utilizing CCD cameras attached to larger telescopes on robotic mounts. Throughout the years their interest in astronomy continued to flourish as they were both among the founders of the Cape Cod Astronomical Society. Muir and Michael now wish to take their passion for astronomy a step further and give back to the community by inspiring and fostering students with their science education by allowing them to be involved with actual astronomical research projects utilizing remote robotic telescopes at various locations around the world and with the proposed 16" robotic telescope to be based in New South Wales, Australia.

Michael became interested in astronomy at the age of 8 when he first got a glimpse of the moon through a small refracting telescope he received for Christmas. Michael has since been an avid Deep-Sky and Planetary observer independently discovering an extra-galactic supernova in the galaxy M66 in the constellation Leo on February 11, 1989. Michael currently holds a position at the Plymouth Public Schools in Plymouth, Massachusetts as a Computer Hardware and Software Specialist. Michael is also currently the Evening Events Coordinator for the W. Russell Blake Planetarium that is located in the Plymouth Community Intermediate School in Plymouth, MA.

Muir also developed his preoccupation with astronomy at a young age, and was fortunate to have access to an 8" telescope through his teenage years by which to develop his passion for deep sky observing. After moving to the southwest US to attend the University of Arizona, Muir eventually came to reside in Mesa and later Sedona, where he developed an interest in CCD imaging and automated image capture using his own robotic telescope (a Paramount ME/C14 combination). Muir currently holds a position as a software engineer for a large telecommunications company, and hopes in the future to leverage his development experience in the field of astronomy.