Our Staff

Image of Michael Petrasko
Michael Petrasko
Michael Petrasko is a Managing Member and Project Developer of Insight Observatory. Michael became interested in astronomy at the age of 8 when he first got a glimpse of the moon through a small refracting telescope he received for Christmas. Michael has since been an avid Deep-Sky and Planetary observer independently discovering an extragalactic supernova in the galaxy M66 in the constellation Leo on February 11, 1989. Michael currently holds a position at the Plymouth Public Schools in Plymouth, Massachusetts as a Computer Hardware and Software Specialist. Michael is also a technical consultant for the W. Russell Blake Planetarium located in Plymouth, MA.

Image of Muir Evenden
Muir Evenden
Muir Evenden is a Managing Member and Systems Engineer of Insight Observatory. Muir developed his preoccupation with astronomy at a young age and was fortunate to have access to an 8" telescope through his teenage years by which to develop his passion for deep sky observing. After moving to the southwest US to attend the University of Arizona, Muir eventually came to reside in Mesa and later Sedona, where he developed an interest in CCD imaging and automated image capture using his own robotic telescope. Muir currently holds a position as a software engineer for a large telecommunications company and hopes in the future to leverage his development experience in the field of astronomy.

Image of Paul Bonfilio
Paul Bonfilio
Paul Bonfilio is the Creative Director of Insight Observatory. Paul has always been interested in sciences since childhood, receiving the 2nd place at MIT’s state Science Fair for his in-depth study of bioremediation whilst in high school. He has varied experience with mixed media in the form of sculpture, spray paint art, and mechanical art. His goals are always for individuals to experience his artwork and to be able to walk away with something that they didn't have before. Paul currently holds a position at the Plymouth Public Schools in Plymouth, Massachusetts as a Computer Hardware and Software Specialist.

Images of Harry Hammond
Harry Hammond
Harry Hammond is the Technical Director of Insight Observatory. Harry has been an avid award-winning astrophotographer over the past few decades. He has owned and operated a few successful construction and computer companies throughout his life. Harry has designed and built telescopes, observatories, other "Astro-gear," and when not seeking out dark skies for observing and astrophotography, giving talks on astronomy to local groups. His written articles, astrophotography, and tips for creating astronomical gear have appeared in print from local publications to Sky and Telescope, and other magazines. Harry has served as President of the Cape Cod Astronomical Society, as well as an officer of the South Shore Astronomical Society.

Image of Jim Carlson
Jim Carlson
Jim Carlson is the Public Outreach Coordinator for Insight Observatory. Jim is the former director of the Werner Schmidt Observatory at the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School (D-Y) on Cape Cod and has contributed data to the American Association of Variable Stars Observers (AAVSO) and the Minor Planet Center (MPC) at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Jim is a past president and newsletter editor of the Cape Cod Astronomical Society and a trustee of the Cape Cod Astronomical Foundation which over a period of 15 years raised the money to build the observatory at D-Y. At the observatory, Jim observed cataclysmic variable stars and dwarf novae which are recognized as precursors of Type la supernovae. Astronomers have used Type la supernovae to show that not only is the universe expanding but is doing so at an accelerated rate. Jim is also an enthusiastic solar observer having contributed sunspot counts to the American daily sunspot number at the AAVSO, as well as sunspot Classification Values to an organization in Norway.

Image of Dale Alan Bryant
Dale Alan Bryant
Dale Alan Bryant is a Contributing Science Writer for Insight Observatory. Dale, a veteran observational astronomer, and certificate-level astrobiologist is currently involved with the SETI Institute and the Kepler Exoplanet databases. He is also a writer of science essays in most areas of science, specializing in observational astronomy, astrobiology, and paleoanthropology and is currently working on his book of science essays for the general reader.