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Image of Students engaging in deep-sky imaging via Insight Observatory
As the Project Developers of Insight Observatory, we understand the importance of hands on participation in science education - it is a crucial component in developing a student's interest. It can be especially difficult in the science of Astronomy... access to telescopes and clear skies for observing can be very limited or even non-existent for most students.
Our goal is to provide to students the tools necessary for astronomy education, discovery and research utilizing Remote Robotic Telescopes in various locations around the world. In this way we can enable them to participate and experience the thrill and excitement of scientific discovery for astronomy education. Students will have the ability to participate in many projects utilizing the Insight Observatory that will literally "open their eyes" to the wonders of our universe without having to leave the classroom: all data gathered by the remote robotic telescopes Insight Observatory utilizes will be easily accessible via the internet to be used within the current science curricula.

To view our list of some of the projects our facility will be capable of undertaking, please visit our Collaborations page.