Image of 16" Astrograph Imaging Telescope
16" Astrograph Imaging Telescope
The Insight Observatory project was initially created with the goal of finding a dark and clear remote observing location for the organization's 16" Astrograph Imaging Telescope. Insight Observatory Co-Founder, Muir Evenden, donated the imaging telescope and robotic mounting system for use. This remote robotic telescope system will have the sole purpose of providing access to secondary education students allowing them to participate in legitimate scientific research.

Insight Observatory is currently accepting sponsorships via Patreon, for the efforts of establishing the installation, implementation and hosting of the 16"Astrograph Imaging Telescope that will be hosted with SkyPi Online Observatory, located at an elevation of 7,778 ft in the dark skies of New Mexico in the spring of 2017. 

Image of Students Participating in Astronomy Research
Students Participating in Astronomy Research
All of our kind contributors will be listed on the "On Sponsors" page on this website. Insight Observatory thanks you in advance for supporting our mission of providing a "Gateway" to the universe for young and inspiring minds.

Image of Support on Patreon