Telescope Network

Image of iTelescope.net's Remote Telescopes located at Siding Spring Observatory - NSW, Australia
iTelescope.net's Remote Telescopes located at
Siding Spring Observatory - NSW, Australia
Insight Observatory has partnered up with iTelescope.net to utilize their remote robotic telescopes for astronomy education and research projects. iTelescope.net currently has many remote telescopes on its network that can be accessed from our Telescope Portal page. Some systems are designed for specific types of research while others are multi-purpose platforms. Dependent mostly on the filters and the types of  CCD cameras that are installed on their telescopes. With science at the forefront of the education revolution, Insight Observatory provides the tools to support the development of astronomy or science based curriculums in schools by partnering with the itelescope.net network. Contact us to find out how Insight Observatory can help facilitate an astronomy research program for your public or private school system or college.

Image of iTelescope.net - New Mexico Skies - Mayhill, NM
iTelescope.net - New Mexico Skies - Mayhill, NM
Currently, Insight Observatory retains an education status for use of the iTelescope.net network that allows the rates of telescope usage to remain at an affordable cost for educational use. iTelescope.net is the world’s premier network of Internet-connected telescopes, allowing students and faculty to take astronomical images of the night sky for the purposes of education, scientific research and general astrophotography.

Image of iTelescope.net - AstroCamp - Nerpio, Spain
iTelescope.net - AstroCamp - Nerpio, Spain
With 19 telescopes, and housed in observatories located in New Mexico, California, Australia and Spain, observers are able to follow the night sky around the globe 24x7. The partnership between Insight Observatory and iTelescope.net puts professional telescopes within the reach of all, with systems ranging from single shot color telescopes to 20" research grade telescopes.

Professional observatories use iTelescope.Net to supplement current research projects. The network provides alternate observatory sites in both southern and northern hemispheres and is a good way to continue research when seasonal poor weather hits your observatory.

Image of SkiPi Online Observatory, Pie Town, New Mexico
SkiPi Online Observatory, Pie Town, New Mexico
Insight Observatory is currently in the process of integrating a remote robotic 16" Dream Astrograph Imaging Telescope  for nightly or hourly rentals to be located in Pi Town, New Mexico. The 16"telescope is currently planned to be hosted at SkyPi Online Observatory.

The high-elevated mountains and dark skies of New Mexico offer a superb location for remote imaging.