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Astronomical Telescope for Educational Outreach (ATEO-2) 5" f/7 Refractor. Photo by John Evelan.
Astronomical Telescope for Educational Outreach (ATEO-2) 5" f/7 Refractor. 
Photo by John Evelan.

Insight Observatory also proudly houses a 5" refractor imaging telescope, designated the Astronomical Telescope for Educational Outreach (ATEO-2), that is also hosted by SkyPi Online Observatory.  This telescope is located at an elevation of 7,778 ft in the dark skies of New Mexico and went online in July 2018. The telescope is accessible remotely via the internet as a rental from classrooms for students, as well as the general public, to conduct astronomical research projects for science education or deep-sky imaging.

Omega Observatory that houses Insight Observatory's ATEO-2 5" f/7 Williams Optics Refractor imaging system. Photos by John Evelan.
Omega Observatory that houses Insight Observatory's ATEO-2 5" f/7 Williams Optics Refractor imaging system.
Photos by John Evelan.

Insight Observatory has recently added this second remote robotic telescope to their network. This imaging system, ATEO-2, is Insight's first affiliate telescope owned and provided by SkyPi Online Observatory Managing Member, John Evelan. John agreed to partner up with Insight Observatory with the intention of providing a remote telescope that compliments ATEO-1. John shares the same visions and philosophies that Insight Observatory has regarding astronomy education outreach to educational institutions and the general public.

What equipment is used to capture the images?

Here are the specifications of ATEO-2:
  • Williams Optics 132 (5") f/7 FLT apo Refractor
  • Camera: Atik 490EX Color CCD Camera
  • Orion 80 Guide Scope
  • Starlight Xpress Lodestar Guiding Camera
  • Mount: Paramount GT100S Equatorial Mount

What is the field of view and orientation of the images?

Captured images have the following specifications:
  • Image size (pixels): 3380 x 2704
  • Pixel Size: 3.69 microns
  • Sensor Width: 12.5 mm
  • Sensor Height: 10.0 mm

Extended Telescope Plan:

If you would like to use the telescope for any extended period of time (such as for a whole quarter/semester/year), Insight Observatory offers Extended Plan Agreements (EPA). Extended Plan Agreements have a number of advantages including:
  • Try Before You Buy:  Free access to the telescope for a short period of time before committing to any extended term plan. We want you to make an informed decision as to whether the ATEO would be a good fit for your educational needs.

  • Favorable Pricing: Extended plan agreements cost less than the equivalent time booked through the Telescope Portal using the Standard Telescope Plan, advantageous for those schools and institutions with budgets.

  • Guaranteed Reserved Time: Over the entire length of the EUA you would have a designated time slot just for your account. 

Standard Telescope Plan:

If you have a project that may not need the advantage of an extended plan agreement, you may reserve time on the telescope as a "pay per reservation" approach which works as follows:
  • Purchase reservation credits (via PayPal or other arrangements)
  • Reserve a time slot on a specified night 
  • Plan your imaging session

How to Access the Telescope for Educators:

Educators who are interested in using the Astronomical Telescope for Educational Outreach (ATEO) for their school district or college may register by clicking on the Access Telescope Portal link below.

You will be redirected to the ATEO Portal login page where there is an option to sign up as a new user. After you receive your verification email, please login into the telescope portal and when filling out your personal information select "I am a Student / Educator".

After your account is reviewed by us and activated we will contact you to set up a call for a free consultation on how to use the telescope for your classroom or project.

If you have any questions regarding Astronomical Telescope for Educational Outreach (ATEO-2), please Contact Us and we would be more than happy to assist you.