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ATEO-2B Planetary Imaging Rates

Planetary imaging involves a unique set of parameters when compared to Deep Sky Imaging. The “subjects” of the image are placed in varying conditions. Seeing conditions affect the high magnification required and the widely changing distances of planets over time are just two. That’s why a careful setup, focus, and framing procedure is required each time we image.

As a result, we charge a nominal fee to prep your image for capture. Since this is a significant fraction of the work we also diminish the cost of data based on the quantity you request.

Tier 1:       Setup $30 USD
1 GigaByte (min) $5 USD
Total:                 $35 USD
  • 2-5gb ($3.75 USD/gb)
  • 6-8gb ($3 USD/gb)

Tier 2:      Setup $30 USD
>9gb ($2.50/gb) $25 USD
Total:                 $55 USD

Tier 3:      Setup $30 USD
>20gb - Please Contact Us.

What makes a GigaByte of data?

Frame size: The bigger the “Region of Interest (ROI)”, the higher the image data cost. You may want the planet set in a large dark field. That would cost more than a close-up simply because the field is bigger. More pixels mean more data.

If you have prior experience with your own planetary images or are familiar with the variables feel free to request specific imaging parameters. We will provide a cost estimate before you commit.

If you don’t have experience and just want a great shot pick among the more general choices. We provide a cost estimate before you commit to that as well.