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AFIL-3, the 20" Dall-Kirkham remote telescope will be offline until 10/05/2021 for a mount replacement.

ATEO-2A/2B remote telescopes are also currently offline for general maintenance.

Insight Observatory - Online Remote Telescope Services

Insight Observatory provides online remote telescope services for educational outreach, research, and astrophotography from remote observatories around the world at locations in the dark skies of New Mexico - the USA, the Río Hurtado Valley - Chile, Nerpio - Spain, and Hakos, Namibia - Southern Africa.

Over the past few decades, the emergence of remotely controlled robotic observatories has opened up endless possibilities. This technology can be utilized for astronomy education in our public schools, universities, and from our own homes.

As the managing members of Sublime Skies, LLC DBA Insight Observatory, we are excited about these new developments and this brings us to the mission of Insight Observatory:

ATEO-1: 16" Dream astrograph reflector with an image of M63 - The Sunflower Galaxy imaged by Utkarsh Mishra and Gamma Observatory that houses ATEO-1 at SkyPi Remote Observatory.
ATEO-1: 16" Dream astrograph reflector with an image of M63 - The Sunflower Galaxy imaged by Utkarsh Mishra and Gamma Observatory that houses ATEO-1 at SkyPi Remote Observatory.

Providing remote imaging with our internet portal, the remote telescopes are currently accessible to students, faculty, and amateur astronomers for research and astrophotography. Currently, Insight Observatory houses a 16" f/3.7 Dream astrograph reflector telescope hosted at SkyPi Remote Observatory located at an elevation of 7,780' in New Mexico. This imaging system is designated the Astronomical Telescope for Educational Outreach (ATEO-1) that went online in the summer of 2017.

Insight Observatory - Remote Telescope Services
ATEO-2A: 5" Refractor and ATEO-2B: 8" Edge HD Smidt-Cassegrain imaging telescopes with Messier 17, The Omega Nebula imaged with ATEO-2A, Mars imaged on an imaging system similar to ATEO-2B, and Omega Observatory located at SkyPi Remote Observatory that houses ATEO-2A and ATEO-2B at Sunrise.

ATEO-2A and 2B is a tandem affiliate imaging system consisting of a 5" f/5.8 Williams Optics APO refractor and an 8" f/10 Celestron Edge HD Schmidt-Cassegrain. ATEO-2B is exclusively for planetary imaging. 

Insight Observatory was excited to announce the addition of its third affiliate remote telescope ATEO-3 in September 2019. ATEO-3 is a Quasar 12.5" f/9 Ritchey Chretien remote imaging system located in the dark skies of the Rio Hurtado Valley, Chile. These remote robotic telescopes are available as imaging options on our Public Image Request (PIR) and Educational Image Request (EIR) forms.

Please browse through our Recent Articles and Posts to see what has been or will be transpiring here at Insight Observatory.

If you are only interested in downloading image sets of deep-sky objects for processing rather than gathering data yourself, Insight Observatory provides an image set subscription service designated "Starbase". This subscription service for deep-sky image sets is accessible thru the ATEO Portal. As we populate our image sets in Starbase, you may request an image set via our "Advanced Image Request" application on the ATEO Portal. Your image set request will be evaluated and if approved,  added to the Starbase for subscribing as soon as the object has been imaged.

Insight Observatory - Remote Telescope Services
ATEO-3: Quasar 12.5" Ritchey Chretien with an image of NGC 2264 - Christmas Tree Cluster imaged by Franck Jobard and the Remote Observatories at Deep Sky Chile.

The name, 'Insight Observatory', was given to the project, as it seemed to be an appropriate designation. The name is relative to its mission: providing insight, to students and the public, by exposing them to the science of Astronomy, and the research projects that are available for them to participate in, and, possibly, contribute to a discovery.

Insight Observatory - Remote Telescope Services
5th, 8th and 12th-grade students utilizing the ATEO remote telescopes via Insight Observatory's online Educational Image Request (EIR) form for their research and classroom projects.