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Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, imaged and nicely processed by Craig Stocks is a Halley-type periodic comet with a 71.3-year orbital period, first discovered in 1812 by Jean-Louis Pons and later in 1883 by William Robert Brooks.

This new image set that produced this is available for download and processing in our image set repository, Starbase. Processing tutorial video included!


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  • Starbase Image Set Repository - Starbase serves as a centralized repository housing a vast collection of image data meticulously captured by both the Astronomical Telescopes for Educational Outreach (ATEO) and our affiliated remote telescopes (AFIL). The repository meticulously organizes these images into sets, allowing users to conveniently purchase and download them. This process, known as "subscribing" to the image set, offers a seamless way for enthusiasts and researchers to access and utilize the extensive data available. For those interested in requesting a specific image set for a particular celestial target within Starbase, the procedure involves logging into the ATEO Portal. Once logged in, users can navigate to the Advanced Image Request application and select the "Starbase" checkbox located at the bottom. This streamlined process ensures that users can easily engage with and obtain the desired astronomical imagery from Starbase.

  • Astronomical Telescopes for Educational Outreach (ATEO) Portal - Unlock the wonders of the cosmos by accessing a wealth of deep-sky and planetary image data through Insight Observatory's cutting-edge remote telescope network. Users of the ATEO Portal are granted the flexibility to engage with this celestial bounty through two distinct avenues. The first option involves submitting a "Basic Image Request," where users can seamlessly navigate through a set of built-in imaging parameter options to tailor their acquisition preferences. For those seeking a more intricate and customized approach, the "Advanced Image Request" offers a comprehensive solution. This advanced option empowers users to input specific and personalized imaging parameters, ensuring a tailored and precise capture of the celestial wonders that pique their scientific or aesthetic interests. With these versatile options, Insight Observatory's remote telescope network opens up a realm of exploration for both novice enthusiasts and seasoned researchers alike.

    Anticipate an enriching educational experience with the upcoming "Educational Image Request" option, specifically designed for harnessing the power of Insight Observatory's remote telescopes in educational settings. Tailored to cater to classrooms spanning grades K-12 and public venues like libraries, this option aims to provide a unique and immersive astronomical learning experience. Whether you are an educator looking to integrate celestial observations into your curriculum or a coordinator planning a public event, the "Educational Image Request" option will soon offer a valuable resource. To express your interest and explore the possibilities of utilizing the ATEO network of remote telescopes in a classroom or public venue, we encourage you to reach out to us through our "Contact Us" portal. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery and education as we unveil this exciting opportunity to engage with the wonders of the cosmos in an educational context.

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