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ATEO-1 SkyPi Starbase Collection

A collection of the best 15 data sets on our image set repository, Starbase, used to process 10 award-winning images from our 16" f/3.75 Dream Aerospace Systems astrograph (ATEO-1) is now available for download at an introductory discount of 40% OFF. Over 103 hours of image data!

A few processed images from the complete bundle of image sets are listed below.
A few processed images from the complete bundle of image sets are listed below.

As Insight Observatory ends an era of hosting its signature remote telescope, ATEO-1 at SkyPi Remote Observatory in Pie Town, New Mexico, we would like to celebrate our last 5 plus-years of deep-sky imaging runs by offering a collection of our most popular image sets produced at SkyPi at this discounted rate.

As we move forward to ATEO-1's new hosting site at Utah Remote Desert Observatories located in Southwest Utah, US. Insight Observatory would like to sincerely thank John Evelan and his staff at SkyPi for their service and support over the years making it possible to produce such wonderful data!

ATEO-1 Configuration
ATEO-1 Configuration:

Telescope: Dream Aerospace Systems 16" f/3.75 Astrograph 
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount ME
Camera: FLI Proline 16803 
Location: Pie Town, NM USA (SkyPi Remote Observatory)

The following image sets are included in this 40% OFF package... 
  • M78 - LRGBHa (2021): Nebula - 9-hr 45-min 
  • IC 5070-5067 - LRGB (2020): Pelican Nebula - 9-hr 10-min 
  • IC 5070-5067 - Ha (2020): Pelican Nebula - 4-hr 10-min 
  • M63 - LRGB (2019): Sunflower Galaxy - 6-hr 40-min 
  • M104 - RGB (2021): Sombrero Galaxy - 5-hr 
  • M104 - Lum (2021): Sombrero Galaxy - 4-hr 35-min 
  • NGC 3521 - RGBHa (2021): Bubble Galaxy - 4-hr 55-min 
  • NGC 3521 - Lum (2021): Bubble Galaxy - 2-hr 40-min 
  • Cepheus Mosaic - LRGB (2021) - 12-hr 10-min 
  • M101 - RGB (2020): Pinwheel Galaxy - 7-hr 10-min 
  • M101 - Lum (2020): Pinwheel Galaxy - 5-hr 
  • VDB 152 - LRGB (2022): Reflection Nebula in Cepheus - 4-hr 25-min 
  • M81-M82 - RGB (2020): Bode's and Cigar Galaxies - 17-hr 15-min 
  • M81-M82 - Lum (2020): Bode's and Cigar Galaxies - 6-hr 50-min 
  • NGC 1555 - LRGB (2021): Hind's Variable Nebula - 3-hr 20-min

**These image sets include Raw, Calibrated, Calibration Masters, and Master frames.

** 40% discount applies only to the complete 15-image set bundle. Discount does NOT apply to individual sets listed above.

Purchase the bundle for ONLY $145.53 (original price: $242.55), or if you qualify for our Education rate purchase for ONLY $108.57 (original price: $180.95).

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