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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Galaxy Cluster in Leo

Here is an image taken from the remote robotic telescope specializing in astronomy education, T-14, the Takahashi FSQ Fluorite Petzval Apochromat Astrograph provided by iTelescope.net at their New Mexico Skies location in Mayhill, NM. The telescope has an aperture of 106mm (0.1 meters), a Focal Length of 530mm (.53 meter), and a F/Ratio of f5.0. The primary target object was M96, a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Leo. However, to our surprise (due to the telescope's wide field), we were able to capture more than one galaxy.

Galaxy Quad in Leo
Galaxy Quad in Leo

The image field also contained a spiral galaxy, M95, almost a mirror image of M96. Accompanied by M95 and M96 are spiral galaxies M105 and NGC 3384. I was able to identify each one by matching the orientation of the image to the star chart in "Sky & Telescopes Pocket Sky Atlas" that I downloaded for my Kindle app on my iPad. By clicking on the image, you will also discover a few other galaxies that are not listed in the Sky Atlas. How many can you see?

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