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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Making Our DreamScope a Reality

Hello, fellow stargazers! With all the activities Insight Observatory has been involved with recently, we feel this is a good time to revisit an old friend that we introduced back at the beginnings of Insight Observatory...

When we started Insight Observatory a few years ago we had a dream of utilizing our "in-house" telescope (built by the talented fellows at Dream Aerospace Systems) in a robotic observatory under regular dark skies where it could be used by students to allow them access to the wonders of our universe without a huge financial outlay of their own.

Insight Observatory's DreamScope, waiting for a new home!
Insight Observatory's DreamScope, waiting for a new home!

We still have this dream! Our search has taken time, and we feel the best solution to our needs comes in the form of iTelescope, a company that has enjoyed immense success by providing its subscribers access to world-class robotic telescopes in both hemispheres. Our discussions with iTelescope have been encouraging, and even though we wish we had our telescope up and available today, we know that sometimes the planets must align and all pieces fall into place before our desired results are achieved. 

So wherever our telescope eventually ends up - hosted by iTelescope or some other company or school - the dream is alive!

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