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Custom Image Data Request

If you are interested in Insight Observatory acquiring custom image data for you from any of our three (3) remote imaging systems, please fill out the following form and we will respond to you within 24 business hours. Custom image data purchased WILL NOT be added to Insight Observatory's Starbase image set repository. Custom image data will be solely owned by the purchaser. 

To confirm your requested object is at an optimal position in the night sky for imaging, please confirm on Telescopius for ATEO-1 and ATEO-2 located in New Mexico and ATEO-3 located in Chile.

To check the framing of your requested target, please select the remote telescope below to view on the Telescopius Telescope Simulator...

ATEO-1: 16" f/3.7 Dream astrograph reflector - Imaging Rates:
  • Standard: $48.00 USD per imaging hour
  • Education: $39.00 USD per imaging hour

ATEO-2A: 5" f/5.8 Williams Optics APO refractor - Imaging Rates:
  • Standard: $65.00 USD per imaging hour
  • Education: $54.00 USD per imaging hour

ATEO-3: 12.5" f/9 Quasar Ritchey-Chretien - Imaging Rates:
  • Standard: $70.00 USD per imaging hour
  • Education: $58.00 USD per imaging hour